I am a Senior Director and a Principal Research Scientist at Visa Research, Palo Alto, California where I lead the advanced cryptography research team and help build a world-class research program working on challenging problems ranging from privacy-preserving machine learning, search on encrypted data, distributed secret management, user authentication, post-quantum cryptography, protocol analysis, and privacy for cryptocurrencies. Before that, I spent two years as a Senior Research Scientist at Yahoo Labs! I received my Ph.D. from UC Davis, in 2009, and subsequently spent 5 years in the Department of Computer Science at University of Calgary where I held an Associate Professor position until May 2016. I have been a visiting researcher or an intern at a number of places such as Microsoft Research, Redmond (July 2014, August 2011, October 2010), Sun Microsystems (Summer 2008), Google Inc. (Summer 2007), and UCLA’s IPAM (Fall 2006). My research interests are in information security, cryptography, and privacy enhancing technologies.